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    Welcome to the English forum of ANTICHAT.RU - one of the best security sites.

    Look through the rules of the "English zone":
    1. The main language of this forum is ENGLISH! If you post in your native language, please, include the English translation. All the posts, written in other languages will be immediately deleted.

    2. If you have many informative, useful posts and you are active on the forum, you can become a Member of Antichat. This group has access to the private section, where instruments, interesting papers, exploits, private bugs, and shells are posted.

    3. If you want to get help, please, be sure to give as much information about the subject as possible. The title of your thread should include the most suitable short description of your problem (threads like "Help!!", "What to do?" etc will be closed or deleted).

    4. Remember to respect other members of the forum. Offtop, flaming and offensive words are forbidden!

    5. If you want to argue - argue via pm, e-mail or icq.

    6. Do not double posts! Use "Edit" button!

    7. ADs are forbidden. Discussion of defaces is forbidden.

    8. Remeber to use "Search" option and of course GOOGLE before asking questions. Some questions may have already been discussed.

    9. Contact me via PM if you have some questions concerning the work of the forum, site etc.

    Thank you for visiting ANTICHAT.RU!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.