How to hack out long distance

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    Ok you Kronies, this will tell you how to hack out long distance
    codes like SPRINT, MCI, and so forth......

    Sprint, MCI, Tele-net, U S Tel, Citicall, Citi link, Star net,...
    and all those others are called PBX extanders. They all have a
    7 digit phone number that you dial in and when you hear a tone, you
    then type in a code. Some are 8 digits, and some are 5.
    Sprint is 8, MCI is 5, U.S. Tel is 6. How to guess them is easy !!

    First, you have to have one of those seven digit access numbers,
    like the one for toll free Sprint is 950-0777. Once you have this,
    you need a phone, a pencil, and a piece of paper.

    Lets say that you want to find some sprint codes that will work
    on 950-0777. Take the pencil and write down 20 or 30 numbers
    consisting of 8 digits each. ( 8 digits for sprint). Dial 950-0777
    from a pay phone only, and when you hear the tone, type in the
    first set of 8 digits. Then, type in a local number. The number
    of a department store or something.

    After you type in the area code and the store number, you
    will get one of two things... either you will hear a ring or you
    will hear a voice. If you hear a ring and they answer " Sears ",
    or something like that, you got a good code. If you get a message
    saying " that code is invalid ", or something like that, hang up
    and try another 8 digits.

    Well, this is fine and dandy and all, but what if you do not
    know how long the code is?? What you do in a situation like this
    is, dial the seven digit phone number, and when you hear the tone,
    type in 10 digits, and then press slowly one number after another.
    (about 1.5 seconds between digits.) When you hit the right total,
    (the 10 digit phone number and the x digit code), you will hear a
    recording saying " that code is invalid" or something like that.
    You see, the computer will accept a certain number of digits
    before it will put the call through. Lets say you typed in 18
    numbers before you heard the recording. That is an 8 digit
    code. The 10 numbers takes the place of the area code and the
    number you would ordinarily dial if you knew a code. The other 8
    are the code. Once you know how many digits are inthe code, you
    can proceed as above.
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    hey, novice, don't leave us! ) just take a relax for a some time, just come into yourself )
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