Some useful tools for .NET developers

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    Net Reflector: "Reflector is the class browser, code explorer, code analyzer and documentation viewer for .NET. Reflector allows to easily view, navigate, search, decompile and analyze .NET assemblies in C#, Visual Basic, C++, IL assembly, Delphi and Chrome."

    Download from here:

    Decompiler .NET:


    .NET Security Toolkit: The Foundstone S3i .NET Security Toolkit includes tools to help design, develop, and test secure .NET software applications. The toolkit includes Validator.NET, .NETMon, and the SecureUML Template.
    Download here:

    Sub tools(can be found in the Security Toolkit):

    .NETMon™ : The .NETMon tool monitors the .NET common language runtime enabling developers to conduct detailed analysis of how the .NET framework enforces security controls, including setting custom profiling filters and logging of specific events.
    Download here:

    Validator.NET™ : Validator.NET enables developers to programmatically determine user input locations that could be potentially exploited by hackers and provides proactive steps to build data validation routines which are loaded into a protection module. The tool helps eliminate common vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting.
    Download here:

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