my option about Microsoft Vista and other comments...

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    8 May 2006
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    Hey again...Well, I just read about "Microsoft is planning rewriting 60% of the code of Vista"... is it even possible in such a short time to rewrite so many lines of code and to release a fully functional production version? although Microsoft denied it..Well I saw the beta... it was pretty nice.

    before I continue I must tell that my favorite languge right now is C#... and the .NET framework is the best option for me at the moment..
    the most amazing thing in Windows Vista is going to be the fact that the .NET Framework will be an unseperated part of the system.
    One of the most annoying things that was and still is in the current system that when I want to publish some of my application for friends that dont have a large experience with computers I needed to guide them how to install the framework... When Vista will be released it will be much easier.. the fact that the framework will come as a default will help it "fight" the jvm and the other java application in the market...I was also very happy when Novell announced that Suse 9.3 and above will have as a default Mono (the unofficial .NET framework for Linux/Unix/Mac/Solaris) installed on it.. this steps are all great steps for the .NET framework to become greater.

    and dont get my wrong, the fact that I develop in .NET doesnt mean I am a "Microsoft only" developer. I actully support the idea of Open Source projects... I am also working on some projects that I think I will release its source code (IRC Data access layer && IRC Client using the irc dal) and I am also using Linux on my old pc (Ubuntu)
    that's all for now...

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    Well, I'm looking forward to get Vista. Even upgraded my computer yesterday to avoid hardware problems in the near future. I hope Vista will have less bugs than XP=)
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    9 Dec 2005
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    In a wide glance, XP has not so MANY bugs and holes... As for ma person, i'll buy Vista... I can say I like ms and their products... they r simple and beautiful...

    PS. dracula4ever, try to watch your grammar...