Windows XP x64 – The worst product I have ever bought

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    8 May 2006
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    Well, I bought a new computer for something like half a year ago with an AMD Athlon 64bit 3200+ and Windows XP Pro x64 . at first it was fun and everything was working great… but then, I realized that there isn’t even a normal Anti Virus && Firewall for windows x64!
    So I'm waiting for Zone Labs to release the production version of Zone Alarm x64 (the beta was already released).
    But I got angry again when I bought a new Linksys wireless network card and the driver wasn’t supported in Windows x64! That's really sucks!
    I contact Linksys' support, but they didn’t have anything new to tell me except they're sorry for the inconvenience… and the driver will be supported in the future. but that's it! Amazing… Well, I will have to look for a new solution…
    If anyone has any suggestions I will be glad to hear them…

    That's it for now…