ITsecTeam Shell version 2.1 released

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    ITSecTeam Shell version 2.1 released and you can download it from Tools section. New features of this version are:
    1. Adding server informaton, php version and safe mode to the top of the shell page for ease of use.
    2. System drives listing.
    3. Adding icons to files and folders.
    4. Opening files with direct link.
    5. Downloading all of the files and folders of a special folder in zip format without using a specific function.
    6. Direct downloading a file.
    7. Maintaining working directory to use of whole site features.
    8. Adding symlink in 2 ways: using os command line and php abilities.
    9. Changing string to other formats.
    10. Mail Boomber.
    11. Local Crashing of php and apache.
    12. Dumping databse into sql and gzip format.
    13. Mass defacing of all folders with write access permission.
    14. Downloading a file from other servers.
    15. Performing remote DDoS attack.
    16. Searching for all writable folders.
    17. Bypass symlink and Mod security via htaccess and disabling safe mode and disable functions via php.ini if server configured unsuitable.
    18. Remonving shell automatically.
    19. Copying a file without using copy function.
    20. Changing of shell template.
    21. Removing bugs of former versions.
    22. Adding event of last activities.
    23. Disabling magic qoute in runtime.
    and so much more...