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    -------------Earn up to 2000$ from 1k installs.-------------
    —-Get paid bi-weekly or even faster.
    —-We're redefining Pay Per Install industry. Now!
    ---With personal approach, fast payments and highest rates in business!
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    Why cooperate with us?
    InstallsPartners by Cliq Media Ltd. is leading software distribution and monetization platform.

    We're helping our affiliates achieve maximum income by providing high quality tools to monetize their website or social traffic.
    High Converting Landing Pages
    We provide a lot of optimized, high converting software products, landing pages and promo stuff.

    Customized Installer
    With our high cutomizable installer you can earn money from each installation of your free software or even freeware database.

    Advanced Tools
    Our monetization tools are significantly increasing revenue from website or social media traffic.

    Fast and stable payments
    You'll feel secure with on-time and on-demand payments. Just contact your Affiliate

    Highest Pay Per Install rates
    We're constantly working with our business partners to provide highest payouts for our affiliates.

    Personal approach
    Friendly and helpful support team cooperates with affiliates to advice them how to achieve maximum income

    Our rates
    Our pricing model is Revenue share. In this pricing model publisher earnings depend on country and how many offers bundled with our exe user will install. The more offers he installs, the higher commission you'll get.
    Please remind, that in this pricing model we pay also for unfinished, non-unique and cancelled installations, if at least one offer is installed.

    Below you can find the maximum prices per country for one installation.

    Recruiting partners: Advertisers and Webmasters. (Only white software and traffic pass)



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    Привет участникам форума.
    Кто сейчас работает с данной пп?
    Три недели назад подписали договор, внесли предоплату и все... три недели тишина
    Ща буду блэк катать , где ни читал отзывы, все работают с ними, у меня что то не сложилось ))
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