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    Welcome to official thread on antichat!
    We are reliable provider of socks proxies established since year 2008.
    Here are some features that we offer:
    + More than 3000 proxies in more than 100 countries available
    + Own proxy pool of Non-Public, Residential proxies
    + Static and Dynamic IP's
    + Proxies are accessible through proxy gateway servers
    + Proxy gateway protocol: Socks v4, Socks v4a, Socks v5
    + All socks proxies clients must use authentication
    + Proxy pool accessible through our website after registering
    + Geo IP filtering and sorting by: IP, Hostname, Country, Region, City, Time zone, ISP, Ping time, Uptime

    TrueSocks must NOT be confused with:
    - A VPN service
    - A Dedicated proxy service

    Proxies are used based on a credit subscription member account.
    Here is how our credit system works:
    + Each client may buy a subscription plan with an amount of credits and an expiration date
    + When a proxy is chosen, each used credit will be bound to the chosen proxy
    + A unique session id is formed as a result of binding the proxy and the one credit used
    + A session lasts 24 hours
    + The proxy within this session may last 15 minutes or maybe without any guarantee up to 24 hours, also it is very possible that a proxy might go offline and then after a while might go online during the same session for unlimited number of times for as long as the session is still availble (24 hours)
    + After 24 hours the session ends and a user might chose to use another proxy or the same proxy again for a 24 hour session obtained from one credit. Alternatively there is no limit of how many credits can be used at a time. So a client could buy as many proxy sessions as they want.

    About payments:
    + Payment methods: BTC, LTC, Perfect Money
    + Prices starts from about $11/mo for 30 credits
    + More details about price list on our website
    + Some trade/exchange fee will apply based on payment method
    + User must carefully read payment instruction before making a payment in order to avoid any delays

    About Free Demo Accounts:
    + Demo Accounts are only for testing purposes only
    + Cannot be used as Member Accounts
    + They have a limited time use of 24 hours
    + Anyone can ask for a Free Demo Account only ONCE
    + Inquiries can be made here via private message or by email to: support {at]

    Our website is available at

    Video tutorials of how to use:
    Simple with Firefox
    Advanced with Proxifier

    TrueSocks will not conduct any sales or trades on this forum.
    All of the sales will take place on our website only after agreeing our Terms of Use and registering a member account.
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    We recently received a question from one of our customers:

    Q: What sort of speeds (per IP) I can expect from these proxies?

    A: You could get about 350Kbytes/sec on average BUT if you chose wisely you could get up to 2Mbytes/sec.
    To achieve highest speed you will have to chose the lowest latency path possible between you and the proxy. There must be no other proxies or TOR or VPN involved wich will decrease your speeds because of the additional redirects.

    Let's say you are connecting from an European country directly to our proxies.
    Then by following the latency rule you will have to chose an European proxy as well.
    You could then browse our website and select the European proxy, sort the proxy list by ping/latency and chose the lowest latency possible.

    If you chose like this you could always get highest speeds with our proxies.