Anonymous Chat Rooms service with stolen name

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    It all has begun in 2015, when businessman Nikita Halavins started his
    This service had a lot of stuff: group chat rooms, reputation system, photo upload option stolen fron ANTICHAT.RU - 15 years old russian site, dedicated to IT and information security.
    Russian - Nikita's first language. And he even had few internet-startups in Russia, so he definitely knew about ANTICHAT.RU. When owner of ANTICHAT.RU wrote to Nikita, Halavins told "...well, it is SO different services..."
    You can find more information on this site (google.translate will help you).

    The main thing about this - if you are potential investor of - think about it: are you ready to risk your money? apps ( app for Android and app for iOS Apple) already can not be installed via App Store and Google Play on devices of european users because of request of Antichat kft, owner of ORIGINAL it's just the beginning ;)

    If you are user or potential user of service or app - think too...if Nikita has no respect for trademarks and even first dibs, what can potentially happen with your chat history and personal data!
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